When we began our activities in 2013, we dreamed of developing the ultimate solution to some of the biggest problems faced by modern agriculture. In a way, an autonomous irrigation system is the holy grail that so many companies seem to be pursuing unsuccessfully.

Our system is operational and proven, and becoming even better as we now work on the next generation of radio controlled equipment. 

Our vision is to bring about a significant change and improvement in the lives and businesses of growers, helping them to become more efficient and competitive in a responsible and sustainable way.


With decades of accumulated experience in providing irrigation systems and many other services to the sector, our founding team has a deep understanding of the challenges of modern agriculture and how to respond to them.

Udi Zur


Currently, CEO of Gadot Agro, a leading company active in the areas of crop protection where it represents well known global brands, as well as in special agricultural  irrigation and greenhouse projects in various European countries.

Formerly for over two decades at Netafim, world leader in irrigation technology. Udi headed the businesses in Australia, Central Europe, former Soviet Union countries and Turkey. As VP of business development, he established and built the Crop Management Technologies and Greenhouse divisions.

Omri Morag

Managing Director

Owner and CEO of More Ag Technologies, innovators in agriculture optimization technology horticulture and water management.

Its Greenhouse Management Optimization System, based on wireless devices and analytics, is already in the market. Previously, Omri worked for Netafim, where he established and managed the Greenhouse technical department, and developed Crop Management Technologies.

Hans van Bokhoven

Chief Technology Officer

At Hoogendoorn Growth Management, a Netherlands based global innovator in horticultural automation, responsible for developing strategic future technologies (1996 to 2012). As lead architect, he developed advanced greenhouse controllers to optimize and manage climate, irrigation and energy. Founded and headed LetsGrow.com, the industry’s first online (IoT) data platform for production management (2000- 2010). Since 2010 focuses on new generation cloud based irrigation and crop management solutions for agriculture.

Our team brings together in-depth knowledge of the agro and water management sectors with modern technology.